I am an abstract artist with an emphasis on the encaustic process, the ancient technique of painting with pigmented beeswax .I find the encaustic medium one that resonates a dialogue between the painting and the artist. I work intuitively, assimilating and juxtaposing images and information from exterior and interior worlds as I respond to the developing work over a period of time.

My current body of work reflects my intrigue with the biodiversity of microscopic organisms. I use scientific references from microbiology to reinterpret images of such plants and animals as viruses, bacteria, cells,neurons, and plankton to explore the systems and processes of the biological world.

Using the endless techniques possible with wax ,I then create layers of seductive beauty and depth . Subtle, nuanced layers of color collaged with complex textures and patterns of encaustic monoprints are embellished with detailed mark making using hot pens .

I am never satisfied with a painting until I believe I have created a small visual interpretation of the diversity of all living things.